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The New Face of LGBT Talent Management

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

As I take the leap of face to get back into the art of creating, I thought I would take a moment and repost some of my favorite blog interviews. I am using this a diary--- Dear Dwight Diaries, kinda has a ring to it. As a way to see where I was an where I am going. I am hoping that Nathan 7 Scott is smiling down from heaven saying… “You been found out!” Because you found your way kid!

Take a look at an interview with Meak Productions very own Miko Evans. With indie producers like Lester Matthews (YBN Entertaiment), or pioneers in the game marrying Off the Clock Productions (my baby, which has graduated into a talent management) and Novo Novus Productions (Dane Joseph, Daniel Armando), or even the incredible works of Richard Pelzer and Nathan Hale Williams, and not to forget Ryan Murphy, Patrik Ian Polk (and many other), we see that the industry has progressed so much from queer creators. Yet we still have a long way to go. Check out where we were August 2009. Enjoy and don’t judge me too much… I was a baby LOL

Who said that just because you are an out artist that you will never have a career in the entertainment world? Meak Productions is changing that false reality one client at a time. Meak Productions is built on a foundation of providing LGBT talent with work in the entertainment world and has already established a very successful roster of entertainers with their own reality shows, TV series, books, plays, successful hit music, and who are hosting events across the globe. Based in Atlanta, GA this production Mecca has talent from around the globe and are growing daily. I had the opportunity to pry within this company that also represents me and found out some great inside scoop about this talent agency and Production Company from the CEO himself.

1.So who is Miko Evans? And what do you do? I’m a 14 year Entrepreneur and Multi-Talented Artist born & raised in Atlanta, GA with a degree in Music/Entertainment Business Management from the Art Institute of Atlanta. I’m the founder of 2 businesses, one focuses on providing consulting solutions and services to Micro-Enterprises and the Small Business Community in the Atlanta area and abroad, the other is the World’s First LGBT EXCLUSIVE Talent Agency, Casting and Production Company, known as Meak Productions. 2. So tell The FUTURE about your company? How Long have you been around? Meak Productions has been around in its current state since Spring of 2003. The actual conception of the name was only going to be used as a parent company of an Adult Model website project intitled,, which was created Summer of 1999. After years of development and spiritual maturity, I was inspired to take Meak Productions to another level. The future of Meak Productions is to be internationally known and abroad. We want to become a symbol of Inspiration, Hope and Motivation for all LGBT Artists & Talent around the world who are looking for a company that excepts them for who they are without compromise, and who want to change the way the Media presents LGBT Culture and people in the community. We have a variety of projects IN HOUSE that we are working on to assist in the future development of our Vision. Many projects are listed in our Projects section of our website. 3. What made you decide to focus on LGBT artists? During the development of the Vision, I was very concerned about how LGBT people in the media was being portrayed and presented in the Arts and abroad. As an Artist myself (Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Visual Artist) who happened to be Same Gender Loving, I noticed how a lot of barriers over the years were being broken in the Entertainment Industry concerning LGBT Culture and people. However, it was not enough. With the success of Ellen DeGeneres, RuPaul, and some others before the start of LOGO, HereTV, and other LGBT Television Networks today, I felt that it was time for a Vision of this nature to be manifested. I felt that with all of the LGBT Talent that is in the Industry, and listening to the stories of others about how they had to suppress who they are in order to get that BIG BREAK, there should be something in place where Talent shouldn’t have to SELL OUT in order to FIT IN.I thought about how much of a blessing this Vision was going to be for other Out LGBT Artists, and how much of an impact it was going to make on our LGBT Youth. 4. What are some of the projects you are currently producing? Besides are Monthly & Quarterly marketing campaigns which features the latest Talent on our Roster, we also have launched our New Music Department and New Record Label, Meak Pro Music as a result of the marketing success of our 1st 2 CD single remix projects sponsored for 2 of our Music Artists. Our 3rd CD Single remix project for Dairon Skye (Our Music Talent of the Month-Fall Quarter 2008) is scheduled to debut on August 29, 2009 on the Exceptional Radio Network featuring R&B and House Remixes produced by yours truly. Our 4th & 5th CD Single remix projects are scheduled for Fall 09 and Winter 2010 featuring Marlowe Rainbow (Mr. January 2009) and Todd Vaughan (Our Newest Talent on the Roster)Our greatest accomplishment for this year will be our first Talent Workshop entitled, “I’m Gay, I’m Talented. Now What?” This workshop will be a part of the 13th Annual Atlanta Black Gay Pride Celebration this Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta, GA. It will feature in-depth discussions and education on how to successfully break into the Entertainment Business as an OUT Artist. Lastly, we are introducing our New Talents of the Month for August 2009, Jesse Braxton Hilton (Professional Model), and September 2009, Le’Son Ivory (Professional Actor, Model & Choreographer – Star of the hit Gay DVD Drama Series, The Closet). 5. Which artist is currently the most sought after? At this time, it’s hard to say. We are still a growing company and we are registering talents at least every quarter. One of the challenges were getting the public used to the fact that there is a company such as ours. Many are still amazed they we exist. We just recently started to book talent a few Talent for this year’s Atlanta Black Pride. We hope more opportunities will come as a result of this. We want the entertainment business public to realize who we are, why we exist and what we are here to offer. 6. Do you work based on submissions or do you seek after hot LGBT talent? Actually it is both. We do quarterly casting calls online via our MySpace, Twitter and Facebook outlets. All Talent interested in being a part of our Vision are required to visit our website and register online via our Online Talent Application, plus submit a Bio and Professional Photos and / or Headshots. Once that happens, we select the Talent based on their level of experience, quality of performance, and level of professionalism and integrity, which is VERY important in business. A wholesome attitude and approach to life is the ingredients to a healthy and successful career. 7. What is your Entertainment mantra? Our formula for success is PROFESSIONALISM, EQUALITY and INTEGRITY. We want to showcase quality and wholesome Talent in a diverse and equal way. When you see a lot of LGBT images in the Media, all you see is the Stereotype and mostly the European Gay Images. You don’t see enough of Black, Latino and Asian images, nor Transgender operating as everyday people in various walks of life.Our goal is to correct this so that those coming behind us can have an eclectic and wholesome spectrum of our community. 8. What do you require from your talent? I require that my Talent be SERIOUS and PASSIONATE about their Art, Talent and Career as a successful performing and visual artist. I require that they are wholesome, down to earth and professional. All Talent must realize that you must invest in your own careers. No one can do this for you. I also require that they be comfortable and confident in their own skin and sexuality. It is up to you if labeled as a Gay Artist, not the media or the entertainment industry. Also, realize that at the end of the day, THIS IS BUSINESS. We must learn to separate personal from professional.

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