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Dwight & The City

Updated: 5 days ago

Hey everyone! 🌟 Can you believe it’s finally happening? I’m so pumped (and maybe a tad nervous) to spill the beans on what’s been cookin’ in my creative kitchen. Being an artist means being sensitive about my work, but man, have I missed serving up those scripted moments for you all.

“Just 1 Minute” is my latest passion project, and it’s all thanks to the awesome folks at @bigolive.usa who were like, ‘Bro, your social game needs an upgrade!’ And you know what? They’re not wrong—this whole oversharing thing can be a bit much, but when you’re living that influencer life, you gotta do it your way, right?

Taking inspo from some of my favorite shows like Sex & the City, Insecure, Noah’s Arc, and of course, my own Christopher Street TV, I’m beyond stoked to drop a 60-second micro-series that’s gonna light up your feed. But wait, there’s more—next week, we’re kicking off “1 More Minute: Inside the Story,” where I’ll spill the beans on what inspired each episode and I wanna hear your thoughts, too.

So, here’s the deal—I need your help to make this project pop! Episode 1, “Dwight & the City,” is all about diving into my new life in DTLA (YEAH I moved 🤭) and meeting my alter egos. ‘Cause let’s be real, we’ve all got ‘em, right? (no judgment please)

Don’t be a stranger—hit that like, drop a comment, and share the love! Let’s make some serious traction together, fam! Because without you, this won’t go too far…

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