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Collar Confessions: Sharing the Man of God

Collar Confessions: Sharing the Man of God

Living authentically was the message that Pastor Eddie Lawrence preached to his flock, but his truth went no further than the pulpit.  Although he was openly bisexual on social media, the cleric was often sidetracked by being closeted within his church. Living in the light with Tiara for all his congregation to see was one thing. Living a separate secret life with O’Neill, however, would completely flip his life all the way around. 


Trapped between living authentically and maintaining a façade for family and Church, forces Pastor Lawrence to make some choices that are detrimental to all those around him.  Taking a break from the secluded life of his ministry and preaching virtually seems to be the solution to his unholy dilemma, until his real life inevitably catches up with him.New relationships-- both male and female-- give the cleric temporary pleasure, albeit with lots of drama. Tiara is pushing Pastor Lawrence to marry her, while O’Neill instead encourages him to live in his truth. Finding himself entangled in lies, sex, addictions, and webs of deception, Pastor Lawrence must struggle to reconcile these soul-wrenching contradictions, all while trying to preach the word of God every Sunday!

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